Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Lucky patcher app for Android:
Lucky Patcher is a most useful app for all the Android devices and users because of its performance. Lucky patcher can backup and restore the apps, allows controlling the apps. And also removes the license of the app and allows the user to bypass the premium apps. The app comes with some nice features which allow the user to use it easily on the Android device.
Features of lucky patcher:

Some of the nice features of the app are as followed:
  • ·       Blocks the Google ads from the apps and videos.
  • ·       Allows managing the permissions of the application and removes the application.
  • ·       Can install modded play store in the Android device which helps to download the apps which do not have license verification.
  • ·       Can easily update the app and no need search for updates.
  • ·       Clears the cache from the app and makes the Android device fast.
  • ·       Stops the application which misbehaves in the device.
  • ·       By one click, it can create a modified application
  • ·       Allows solving the device incompatibility error by applying the custom patch in the device.

Download of lucky patcher for Android:

Step by step guide is provided for t downloading the app. The steps are:
  • ·       Firstly have to go to settings in the device: settings> application settings> click on unknown sources. By allowing the unknown sources in the device, we can download any app which does not have permission rights as this app doesn't have any permission rights.
  • ·       Now search for lucky patcher app in Google search engine and go to a trusted website and download the app file.
  • ·       Now the app gets installed in the device.
  • ·       After that go to the downloaded files and check whether it is downloaded or not.
  • ·       Now the app is ready for use in the Android device.
  • So now the app gets installed successfully in the device with help of its apk file.